Configurable Processor for High Performance in a Low-Power Profile

The Arm Cortex-A processor series is designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications. Cortex-A5 is designed for applications that require virtual memory management for high-level operating systems within a low-power, low-area profile.

Features and Benefits
Scalable Versatility

Meet performance, power, and area requirements for cost-sensitive, low-power applications.

Small Footprint

Experience a reduced single-core configuration for a minimal area footprint with the smallest application processor from Arm.

Rich OS Support and Advanced Features

Bring Neon, MMU, and rich operating system support to the smallest devices.

Fast Access

Arm DesignStart provides fast, low-cost access to Cortex-A5, helping speed up time to market for your commercial ASIC design.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Increasingly advanced levels of interaction with devices in our homes requires increasing capabilities from general purpose processors. Cortex-A5 provides a low-power, low-area solution for home networking devices. 

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DesignStart Pro

Take advantage of the fastest, most affordable way to access proven
Arm IP for commercial ASIC design. With a simplified contract,
success-based royalties and design support, engineers can design
confidently and accelerate time to market.

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Architecture and Technologies
A Foundation of Silicon Success

Arm-based chips, device architectures, and technologies orchestrate the performance of everything that makes modern life possible — from smartphones to agricultural sensors and from medical instruments to servers.

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