32-bit, Low-Power Processor at an 8-bit Cost

The Cortex-M processor series is designed to enable developers to create cost-sensitive and power-constrained solutions for a broad range of devices. It provides a range of scalable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-use processors designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s smart and connected embedded applications. The Cortex-M0+ processor has the smallest footprint and lowest power requirements of all the Cortex-M processors. The low-power processor is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including sensors and wearables.

Features and Benefits
Add Intelligence

The Cortex-M0+ processor has the smallest footprint and lowest power requirements of all the Cortex-M processors. This is well-suited for low-cost devices, including smart sensors and mixed-signal systems on chip (SoCs), adding intelligence to devices that were not capable before.

Reduce Cost and Power

The exceptional code density of Cortex-M0+ significantly reduces memory requirements, which maximizes the use of on-chip Flash memory to save memory cost, reduce memory power, and increase maximum performance. Take advantage of 32-bit processing intelligence at an 8/16-bit processor cost point.

Longer Battery Life

The Cortex-M0+ processor allows developers to optimize power usage for specific applications with built-in, low-power features. With its three highly optimized low-power modes, the processor conserves energy to match processing demands.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Sensors in wearables that provide constant monitoring require a long battery life combined with a small silicon footprint. Ultra-low power consumption and compact code makes Cortex-M0+ ideal for use in wearables for healthcare, fitness, and more.

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