Our Highest Standards for Functional Safety

Arm Cortex-R processors are designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes where high-performance and cost-effective processing is required. Cortex-R52 is the most advanced processor in the Cortex-R family delivering real-time performance for functional safety.

Features and Benefits

Software Separation

Robust hardware-enforced software separation provides confidence that software functions can’t interfere with each other. For safety-related tasks, this can mean less code needs to be certified, saving time, cost and effort.

Multiple OS Support 

Virtualization support gives developers flexibility, readily allowing consolidation of applications using multiple operating systems within a single CPU. This eases the addition of functionality but without growing the number of electronic control units.

Real-Time Performance 

High-performance multicore clusters of Cortex-R52 CPUs deliver real-time responsiveness for deterministic systems with the lowest Cortex-R latency.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Automotive systems are demanding higher levels of functional safety. Because faults and failures may be life threatening, automotive systems are demanding higher levels of functional safety. Enabling functional safety from classic automotive applications such as anti-lock braking systems to sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving is a priority. Cortex-R52 supports the highest level of functional safety for the widening range of automotive applications.

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