Enabling the Real-Time Future of Autonomous and Software-Defined Vehicles

A 64-bit Cortex-R processor that blends the benefits of deterministic execution with advanced processor technologies to enable rich software stacks, including coherency and virtualization. Capable of providing high single-thread performance in multi-core, multi-cluster systems as the primary processor, or as a real-time safety controller with simplified integration with applications processors in heterogeneous systems.

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Features and Benefits

Flexible Software Deployment for SDVs 

One silicon product can deploy a diverse range of software stacks, enabling updates over the extended lifetime of a software-defined vehicle without hardware barriers. 

Rich OS Support

MMU supports rich operating systems, such as Linux and Adaptive AUTOSAR, leveraging a trusted and robust ecosystem for frictionless, low-cost development that can be deployed in real-time processors.

Leading Performance

The highest performing real-time processor for functional safety with more than 60% increased pipeline execution and greater core cluster count than previous versions.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

The automotive industry is seeing major disruption with increased automation and electrification, and a growing focus on user experience. A high-end car today has more than 100 million lines of code, and new features and business opportunities continue to be powered by software upgradability. Arm is working with the automotive industry on standards to help improve safety, enable innovation and agility, deliver advanced features, and support new business models driven by the software-defined vehicle.

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New vehicle architectures, electrification, autonomy, and the flexible deployment of software over the lifetime of the vehicle are all placing new demands on the compute requirements. Find out how Arm Cortex-R82AE processors can support your future automotive requirements.

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Arm Cortex-A720AE


Cortex-A720AE is the highest performance Cortex-A processor for safety-critical tasks. Designed to meet the most complex and demanding compute and functional safety needs in next-generation software-defined vehicles.

Arm Cortex-A520AE


The high-efficiency Armv9.2 Cortex-A520AE CPU for safety-critical applications brings power efficiency in the smallest silicon footprint and delivers enhanced support for ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D applications.

CoreLink GIC-720AE


Enabling functional safety applications up to ASIL D, Arm CoreLink GIC-720AE delivers all of the capabilities of GIC-700, supporting both real-time and applications processors, together with added functional safety features and mixed-criticality workloads.

Software Test Libraries

Software Test Libraries

With flexible execution scheduling to minimize the run-time impact on applications, Arm Software Test Libraries provide diagnostic coverage to address functional safety requirements for ISO 26262 systems.

Architecture and Technology

A Foundation of Silicon Success

Arm-based chips, device architectures, and technologies, orchestrate the performance of everything that makes modern life possible.