New Era of Automotive Innovation

With increased automation and electrification, and a growing focus on user experience, the automotive industry is seeing major disruption. A high-end car today has more than 100 million lines of code, and new features and business opportunities continue to be powered by software upgradability. Arm is working with the automotive industry on standards to help improve safety, enable innovation and agility, deliver advanced features, and support new business models driven by the software-defined vehicle.

SDV Dummy Guides

The Future of SDVs Explained

Our latest Dummies Guide explores the world of SDVs, offering insights into the technologies and systems that propel SDVs and their impact on the future of transportation It also helps you gain a foundational understanding of SDVs, along with the potential implications of this rapidly evolving industry.

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Solutions to Bring the Software-Defined Vision into Focus

Together with leaders from across the automotive supply chain, Arm is working to meet the needs of ADAS and autonomous driving, as well as to address the challenges of software portability, cloud-native mixed-criticality, and seamless deployment. Our goal is to bring us closer to a software-defined future.

SOAFEE Brings Us Closer to a Software-Defined Architecture

The Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) initiative offers a cloud-native architecture enhanced for mixed-criticality automotive applications and enables the functional safety and real-time capabilities required for autonomous workloads.

SOAFEE SIG White Paper

There have been a range of SOAFEE achievements during the past year, including a new architecture release, integration labs and SOAFEE blueprints, which showcase practical implementations of software-defined vehicles using modern software technologies. Learn all about these achievements in this updated SOAFEE whitepaper.

Delivering a Software-Defined Future

As vehicle functions are increasingly defined by software and data-driven intelligence, not only do automotive manufacturers need to become more agile, but consumers can expect their vehicle experience to improve as the vehicle gets older. Hear from Arm automotive expert, Robert Day, about these market trends and how the industry can meet this moment.

Talk with Our SDV and SOAFEE Experts

Learn more about SOAFEE and how Arm is helping accelerate the development of software-defined and highly connected vehicles through our solutions and global ecosystem.

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Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Arm and AWS: Cloud-Native Automotive Software Development

Learn about the environmental parity between the cloud and the vehicle utilizing AWS Graviton instances from Arm automotive expert, Robert Day.

Siemens works with Arm and AWS 

Siemens works with Arm and AWS to bring PAVE360 to the cloud and unlocks next generation automotive innovation.

Essential Resources for Software-Defined Vehicles

Four Pillars to Achieve the Software-Defined Vehicle Vision

Industry collaboration, standards, modern methodology, and vision stimulation are the four key pillars that can help make software-defined vehicles a reality. These are all practical approaches that the automotive and technology industries can take now to accelerate our path to software-defined vehicles and address the key challenges ahead.

Software-Defined Vehicles Require Scalable Compute Platforms

Our latest webinar explores Arm’s extensive engagement with automotive OEMs and suppliers and discusses key considerations in the design and evaluation of high-performance vehicle computers for SDVs. Hosted by Arm’s Guilherme Marshall, Director Automotive Go-to-Market, ADAS, and John Kourentis, Director, Automotive Go-To-Market, EMA.

Microcontrollers for Automotive

The latest software-defined vehicles require many edge microcontrollers which must have a wide range of performance capabilities and support secure and efficient software updates. Learn how Arm-based microcontrollers provide these core capabilities to support key computing functions in future software-defined vehicles.