The First Multithreaded DynamIQ CPU with Split-Lock

The Arm Cortex-A family of high-throughput efficiency processors is designed for memory intensive and demanding safety-critical tasks. The Cortex-A65AE is the first multithreaded Cortex-A CPU for automotive applications and safety critical tasks such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Gateway. It is designed for devices undertaking high throughput and safety critical tasks. The Cortex-A65AE is built on DynamIQ technology and benefits from its resilience and flexible multicore features. It has also been designed with Dual Core Lock-Step (DCLS), an advanced feature for increased fault-tolerance designs.

Features and Benefits

Simultaneous Multithreading

The multithreaded processor, a first in the Cortex family, has an out-of-order execution pipeline and can execute two-threads in parallel on each cycle. Each thread can be at different exception levels and run different operating systems. 

Flexibility with Split-Lock

Switch between split mode for performance for highest multicore performance or lock mode for safety for advanced multicore fault-tolerance with ASIL D hardware metrics. Provide additional flexibility for future mixed-criticality applications.

Throughput Efficiency

The Cortex-A65AE features an advanced microarchitecture designed for performance density and delivers high-throughput efficiency for memory intensive workloads in constrained thermal budgets. 

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Cortex-A65AE is designed for high-throughput applications, such as sensor fusion and vision-based ADAS systems. It delivers substantial gains in throughput efficiency and contributes toward the highest Automotive Safety Integrity (ASIL) standards required for fully autonomous vehicles.

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