Arm Helium Technology at the Lowest Cost Point  

The Arm Cortex-M52 processor is the most area and energy efficient implementation of the Armv8.1-M architecture with Arm Helium vector processing technology. This makes it the ideal processor for cost- and power-sensitive designs with demanding DSP and ML requirements.

Target use cases include energy-efficient MCUs for battery-operated consumer devices, wearables with ML, and smart industrial sensors.

Features and Benefits

Smallest Area, Energy-Efficient Processor for AIoT

Cortex-M52 is the smallest implementation of Armv8.1-M with Arm Helium technology providing significant performance uplift in DSP and ML applications compared to Arm Cortex-M33.

Simplify Software Development

Developers of Arm Cortex-M52 software benefit from the vast offerings of tools, software, and knowledgebase from the Arm Cortex-M ecosystem.

Faster Route to Security Certification

PACBTI offers enhanced software attack threat mitigation, easing the journey to achieve PSA Certified Level 2, which is becoming the baseline for IoT deployments.

Arm Cortex-M52 Specifications Diagram


The Arm Cortex-M52 is the smallest implementation of the Arm Helium Technology. It enables enhanced DSP and ML processing with exceptionally low power consumption and area cost. The key characteristics of Cortex-M52 include:

  • Optional single-beat Helium, supporting up to
    • 1 x 32-bit MACs/cycle
    • 2 x 16-bit MACs/cycle
    • 4 x 8-bit MACs/cycle
  • 4-stage pipeline
  • Performance efficiency: 4.3 CoreMark/MHz and 1.6 DMIPS/MHz
  • Configurable main system bus: AMBA 5 AXI 32-bit or AMBA 5 AHB 32-bit
  • Optional support for Arm TrustZone technology
  • Optional PACBTI extension (Pointer Authentication Code, Branch Target Identification)
  • Optional implementation of Arm Custom Instructions

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Key Documentation

Compare all Cortex-M processors: download comparison PDF

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the IoT endpoint is expanding and defining more use cases than ever before, changing how we interact with devices and machines everywhere. Arm Cortex-M52 integrates Arm Helium technology to deliver a DSP and ML performance uplift over its predecessor.

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