Widely Deployed Multicore Processor

The Arm Cortex-A processor series is designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications. A multicore processor optimized for performance and power, Cortex-A9 is one of the most widely deployed and mature applications processors from Arm. It is suitable for low-power, cost-sensitive, 32-bit devices that require competitive performance.

Features and Benefits

Available in two variants, Cortex-A9 provides maximum flexibility. You can use it as a single core Cortex-A9 UP processor, or in a cluster of up to four processors for a broad range of 32-bit applications.

Armv7-A Ecosystem

All Cortex-A processors share a commonly supported architecture and feature set and are backed by a strong Arm ecosystem. Armv7-A processors support a 32-bit instruction set and data path, as well as the mixed 16/32-bit Thumb2 instruction set.

Reliable Performance

Mature and silicon proven in multiple process technologies, Cortex-A9 offers reliable performance powered by a dual-issue superscalar and out-of-order architecture.

Use Cases
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Smart Homes

Increasingly advanced levels of interaction with devices in our homes requires more sophisticated capabilities from processors. Cortex-A9 provides a cost-effective solution for home networking devices.


With more than 95 percent market share in smart phone processors, Arm has become the architecture for developers' applications and services. Cortex-A9 is one of the most successful mobile phone processors designed by Arm.

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POP IP is the bridge between Cortex-A CPU and silicon process technology. A highly optimized physical IP solution for Cortex-A processors, the Artisan POP IP delivers a proven high-performance or high-density implementation solution while lowering technical and project risk.

Architecture and Technologies
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Arm-based chips, device architectures, and technologies orchestrate the performance of everything that makes modern life possible — from smartphones to agricultural sensors and from medical instruments to servers.

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