Real-Time Processors

Fast response—optimized for high performance, hard real-time applications

The Arm Cortex-R real-time processors offer high-performance computing solutions for embedded systems where reliability, high availability, fault tolerance and/or deterministic real-time responses are needed. Cortex-R processors are used in products where performance requirements and timing deadlines must always be met. In addition, Cortex-R processors are used in electronic systems which must be functionally safe to avoid hazardous situations, for example, in medical applications or autonomous systems.

For functional safety applications Arm offers the Cortex-R5, providing an area- and power-efficient solution, and the Cortex-R52, offering advanced integrated functional safety features and virtualization support. The Cortex-R7 and Cortex-R8 deliver very high performance and coherency to address the requirements of applications such as modems and storage.

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Arm Cortex-R Storage & Modem Graph
Storage & Modem

Highest performance 5G modem and storage

High performance 4G modem and storage

Arm Cortex-R Functional Safety Graph
Functional Safety

Most advanced processor for functional safety 

Real-time performance with functional safety

Real-time performance

Cortex-R processors are designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes for applications where high-performance, real-time, safe and cost-effective processing is required.


Cortex-R Characteristics

High performance—rapid execution of complex code and DSP functionality

  • High performance, high clock-frequency, deeply pipelined micro-architecture 
  • Multi-processing (AMP/SMP) configurations 
  • Hardware SIMD instructions for very high performance DSP and media functions

Real-time—deterministic operation to ensure responsiveness

  • Fast, bounded and deterministic interrupt response 
  • Tightly Coupled Memories (TCM) local to the processor for fast-responding code/data 
  • Low-Latency Interrupt Mode (LLIM) to accelerate interrupt entry 

Reliable—detects errors and maintains system operation 

  • User and privileged software operating modes with memory protection unit (MPU) 
  • ECC and parity error detection/correction for Level-1 memory system and buses 
  • Dual-Core Lock-Step (DCLS) redundant core configurations 

Cost effective—fast time-to-market and customizable features

  • Best-in-class energy and die area/cost efficiency 
  • Configuration to include/exclude features to optimize power, performance and area 
  • Fast development and testing with configurable debug breakpoints and watchpoints through CoreSight debug access port with embedded trace module options

Industry standard

Arm Cortex-R series processors set the industry standard for a wide range of deeply embedded semiconductor application markets with a broad range of licensees throughout the worldwide semiconductor industry.


Cortex-R applications

The Cortex-R series processors provide fast time-to-market through proven technology shipped in billions of products, supported by the vast Arm ecosystem. Cortex-R processors have been successfully adopted in many markets including:

  • Cameras
  • Industrial
  • Home
  • Mobile handsets
  • Enterprise
  • Storage
  • Automotive