Arm Powered Designs

The Arm ecosystem is constantly delivering exciting new products that transform the way we live and work. These designs showcase the breadth, strength, and diversity of Arm’s product portfolio.

Arm Technology at Work
BB-8 Droid
The App-enabled Miniature Robot

High-tech sensors and Arm Cortex-M4 processor technology bring this responsive toy companion to life.

Making Smart Lighting Simple

A smart light socket using energy-efficient Arm Cortex-M3 processor technology turns ordinary lightbulbs into connected devices.

Your Virtual Beauty Therapist

Expert skincare advice based on data from a facial and environmental sensor that uses Arm Cortex-M0 technology to recommend the ideal beauty regime.

Avantek Server
Sustainable Data Center Solutions

As data processing requirements grow, data centers turn to sustainable, energy-efficient servers to power and run the necessary infrastructure.

BBC micro:bit
Programmable Devices That’s Child’s Play

A pocket-sized computer to introduce children to coding, and help them develop skills to turn ideas into exciting new inventions.

Microbot Push
Home Appliances Turn Into Smart Devices

A wireless robotic finger to push any button and remotely control analog appliances without independent connectivity.

Your Favorite Music Via Webradio

Enjoy music to suit your mood and taste from thousands of web radio stations, broadcast to any speaker.

Oura Ring
Finger-sized Rest and Wellness Monitor

Sensor information on sleep and activity offer a detailed picture on rest and wellness levels, with lifestyle recommendations to improve wellbeing.

Control Your Devices With Simple Gestures

Communicate with smart devices, applications, and objects using intuitive hand movements translated into instructions for hands-free control.