Arm-based Designs

These designs showcase the breadth and diversity of Arm’s product portfolio and the strength of the Arm ecosystem in delivering exciting products to a diverse array of markets.

arm - innovation hub - avantek

Avantek Server

The search for sustainable data center solutions

Avantek Armv8-A 64-bit Cavium ThunderX Solution for Ubuntu, Redhat, OpenSuse

Our business, consumer, and social interactions are shaped by digital technology and the data generated by these activities is becoming greater than ever before. Finding the most efficient way to process, analyze and store this unprecedented volume of information can challenge even the most IT-savvy business leader. Among their considerations is how to power and run the infrastructure necessary to meet our growing data requirements.

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arm - innovation hub - bb8

BB-8 by Sphero

The app-enabled Droid

A Droid™ from connected-play specialist Sphero has captured people’s imaginations by using high-tech features to enable good old-fashioned fun. BB-8™ is a small robot that is controlled with a smartphone or tablet application. Its appeal is not only in the wide range of sensors and processors, it is in the way they appear to bring BB-8 to life.

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arm - innovation hub - microbot-push

MicroBot Push

Smarter homes at the push of a button

A South Korean start-up has found what it says is a simple way to turn standard home appliances into smart devices. Naran's MicroBot Push is a wireless robotic finger that can physically push any button. It allows users to remotely control analog appliances like light switches, washing machines or coffee makers that don’t have their own connectivity.

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arm - innovation hub - prizm


Music that matches your mood

Anyone who has regretted downloading a sentimental love song when it popped up on a playlist during a fun night in with friends may welcome the new technology that helps people make smart music choices which suit their surroundings.

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arm - innovation hub - ember light


Making smart lighting simple

emberlight is an attachment that screws into an existing light fitting and can be used with any dimmable bulb. It connects directly to a home’s wireless network - there is no need for a hub - and it’s configured through a smartphone application. With this architecture, the product can be installed by anyone in less than a minute.

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arm - innovation hub - way


Your virtual beauty therapist

A Korean start-up is hoping to make an impact in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry with an approach to skincare that is more high-tech than high maintenance. Way is a small but insightful device that gathers real-time information on your skin and on the environmental factors that affect it, and then uses the data to send you personalized advice and guidance.

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arm - innovation hub - oura-ring


Don’t lie awake worrying about your well-being 

An unusually late night might leave people feeling drained the next day but how do night-owl tendencies or a consistently hectic lifestyle affect productivity and performance in the long-term?

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arm - innovation hub - bixi


Hands off - using gestures to control smart devices

Billions of connected devices have put a world of information and possibility at people’s fingertips. But what if the power to engage more instinctively with this technology was also in our hands? A French start-up believes it will be easier for users to integrate smart devices into their life if they can use natural gestures to control them. That’s why it has created Bixi, a touch-free and portable controller, to facilitate this new level of interaction.

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arm - innovation hub - bbc micro bit

BBC micro:bit

Technology puts kids in control

A pocket-sized computer is helping students explore the potential of technology, and develop the skills needed to turn ideas into exciting new inventions. The BBC micro:bit is an easy-to-use programmable device that introduces children into coding. It is being offered free to year 7 pupils across the UK and is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between the broadcaster and 28 industry partners.

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