Arm Powered Designs

The Arm ecosystem is constantly delivering exciting new products that transform the way we live and work. These designs showcase the breadth, strength, and diversity of Arm’s product portfolio.

Arm Technology at Work
In-Vehicle Cyber Security for the Modern Age

Automotive monitoring and intrusion protection against malicious vehicle hackers.

Wireless Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Recharge mobile devices with powerful transmitter that provides a reliable source of wireless energy.

Cloud Connected On-Device AI Vision

Jumpstart your vision-enabled, connected device development with the Apalis iMX8.

Vehicle Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect connected vehicles, passengers, and data.

MegaHealth Ring
Wearable Health Tracker Ring

A wearable device to track health metrics for heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep patterns.

Simprints Scanner
Biometric System for Patient ID

Connecting the world’s poor to healthcare providers, one fingerprint at a time.

Herding Reindeer in Finland

A small, lightweight device for tracking reindeer in arctic climates.

Fingerprint-Enabled Cryptocurrency Wallet

AT.Wallet offers biometrically secure, password-less authentication.

Fast, Affordable, Simple Bacteria Testing

Helping to bring clean water to remote places around the world. 

Smart Network Protection

Network insights help protect from cyberthreats and offer parental controls. 

Software-Reconfigurable Edge Compute Platform

Business-card sized compute module for complex automation and intelligence.

Lights, Music, Drones … Let the Show Begin!

An eyeball in the sky for fun, interactive events that connect audiences and boost brand awareness. 

Irrigation Control that Listens to the Weatherman

Smart sprinkler controller with leak detection to help save water. 

Heart Attack-Detecting AI

AI-enhanced orb listens in on emergency dispatch calls and using complex AI models to detect critical illness in real time. 

Rounding Up Data

Track the health and activity of every head of cattle with smart ear tags based on the Arm Cortex-M0.

MIO Therapy
Digital Physical Therapy

Accurately track and calculate patient motion to prescribe optimal treatment with sensors based on the Arm Cortex-M4.

Energy Saving System

Monitor and reduce home energy consumption with a system based on Arm Cortex-M4 processor technology.

OpenMV Camera
Machine Vision for Hobbyists

A low-cost, extensible, Python-powered machine vision module based on Arm Cortex-M7 technology.

BBC micro:bit
Programmable Devices That’s Child’s Play

A pocket-sized computer to introduce children to coding, and help them develop skills to turn ideas into exciting new inventions.

Wearable In-ear Thermometer

Continuously track a child’s fever with a monitor based on Arm Cortex-M4 processor technology.

Veta Smart Case
Vital Allergy Management

Smart case for auto injectors used Arm M0-based technology to help ensure the right meds are always at hand.

Ambi Climate
Climate Control with AI

AI-enhanced air-conditioner controller adjusts to the perfect AC setting thanks to Arm Cortex-M3 technology.

Oura Ring
Finger-sized Rest and Wellness Monitor

Sensor information on sleep and activity offer a detailed picture on rest and wellness levels, with lifestyle recommendations to improve wellbeing.

Avantek Server
Sustainable Data Center Solutions

As data processing requirements grow, data centers turn to sustainable, energy-efficient servers to power and run the necessary infrastructure.

Impossible Aerospace
High-Performance Drone

Monitor the skies for up to two hours nonstop with a long-range electric aircraft based on the Arm Cortex-M4S.

Microbot Push
Home Appliances Turn Into Smart Devices

A wireless robotic finger to push any button and remotely control analog appliances without independent connectivity.

Smart Glasses with Spectacular Vision

Mobile computing goes visual with powerful AR glasses based on Arm Cortex-A53 technology.

micro:bit Challenge 

Do your :bit, a digital challenge for children and teens to combine creativity and technology in solutions for the Global Goals. 


Young people aged 8 – 14 anywhere in the world can enter the challenge. We want you to come up with innovative ways to use your micro:bit to help protect life on land and below water.


If you want to get involved and partner on this challenge, contact us

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