Ambi Climate

After struggling in the Hong Kong heat and humidity to get the right indoor temperature for his pet Husky, Julian Lee concluded that he needed a solution with multiple sensors, climate data, and AI algorithms to learn users’ temperature preferences, and automatically adjust the indoor climate for personalized comfort.

Additional research across several Asia Pacific countries, came to the same conclusion: Many people struggle to stay comfortable with temperature-only control of their AC systems. Plus, smart air conditioners were often prohibitively expensive, establishing a clear gap for an affordable device solely focused on indoor climate control—and making a furry friend very happy.

The result of Lee’s work is Ambi Climate, an AI-enhanced air-conditioner controller that bridges the gap between traditional remote-controlled HVAC appliances and modern technology. 

Since many factors affect thermal comfort, including temperature, humidity, sunlight, changing weather, and time of day, Ambi Climate uses and processes data for all of these factors. It also learns from user’s comfort feedback to achieve the right setting.

For ease of use, Ambi Climate features an app to manage AC temperatures and offers insights into usage, optimal environmental settings, and user’s personal comfort profile. It also integrates with other smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Smart Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Controller

Does your air conditioner make you uncomfortable? See how Ambi Climate uses AI to help improve your indoor comfort and save energy.


Featured Technology

Ambi Climate uses multiple sensors and a microprocessor based on Arm technology to detect environmental conditions, process data, and optimize climate control.


Ambi Climate



Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M3