The First Autonomous Beehive

Innovators at Beewise developed robotic beehives (officially named Beehomes) to provide a safe haven for bees and offer limitless flexibility for beekeepers. This framework has proven to be an effective remedy, with bee mortality rates decreasing by as much as 80%.


Introducing Beewise Beehomes

Co-founder and Head of Product, Eliyah Radzyner, knew that man-made wooden boxes were outdated habitats that could not sustain bee colonies from unrelenting pesticides, climate change, and diseases. Enter Beehomes — modernized beehives designed to protect bees and stabilize their population.


Running on solar power, Beehomes are eco-friendly structures that maximize the well-being of bees and minimize any problems that arise from real-time threats. These optimal conditions put bees first and significantly reduce the risk of colony collapse disorder. Beehomes create an ideal environment for bees to pollinate, produce honey, and protect life on Earth as we know it.

All the Buzz Surrounding Arm Processors

To guarantee Beehomes are operating smoothly, every smart beehive is powered by an Arm-based CPU complete with NVIDIA Jetsons and Raspberry Pis. This state-of-the-art architecture provides robotic brood box management and computer vision-based monitoring while it keeps track of automated honey harvesting, pest control, and thermoregulation.


With these devices, beekeepers can address all of the bees’ needs remotely via an app. This virtual process cuts the time it takes for beekeepers to diagnose and treat bees from days or more to seconds. And it’s all Made Possible by Arm.

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