The Future of Drone Technology is Here and Now

Get to know the Arm-powered drone ecosystem that’s helping developers tap into the usefulness of drones across industries.


Introducing Auterion’s PX4 Platform

In a sky's-the-limit example of sparking the world's potential, Auterion's PX4 drone platform is clearly demonstrating how Arm-powered technology enables innovation on a global scale.


The PX4 software platform offers enterprises the opportunity to access, create, and contribute to groundbreaking drone technology with ease, thanks to its flexible set of development tools.


Drones powered by the Auterion platform are already being used to fight forest fires, inspect solar panels, perform search and rescue operations, and deliver emergency medical resources without the need for expensive infrastructure or massive engineering teams.


PX4's modular architecture, open-source community, configurability, and autonomy stack are increasingly attracting skilled drone developers, and thousands of commercial PX4-based systems have been deployed worldwide—irrefutable proof of its power.

Powering the Drone Revolution

As the leading open-source drone platform that is redefining the industry from the ground up, PX4 uses Arm CPUs as its processors of choice.


Processor technology based on Arm Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7, Cortex-A8, and Cortex-A72, is well supported by PX4 and offers a combination that enables developers to build energy-efficient optimized compute solutions.


These Arm-based processors are responsible for critical advanced processes, including object detection, computer vision, and payload control. Processors based on Arm Cortex-M are also employed in the flight controllers to enable communication from the user to the drone.

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