After 1.5 Billion Years, it’s Algae’s Time to Shine

Our friends at Hypergiant have created a device that blends the power of AI with the air-purifying ability of algae to capture CO2 400 times more efficiently than trees.

Introducing the Hypergiant Eos Bioreactor

Ben Lamm, Founder & CEO of Hypergiant, freely admits that he and his team are by no means the first to experiment with the mind-blowing potential of algae. Where they are breaking new ground, however, is in pairing AI with algae to create the ideal conditions for carbon sequestration.  The resulting innovation is the Eos Bioreactor — a product more sustainable, efficient, manageable, and smaller in size than other bioreactor prototypes in the world today.


When attached to an industrial HVAC system, algae within the Eos can consume 60 percent to 90 percent of the CO2 to which it's exposed. The result is oxygen-rich air and biomass that can then be processed to create everything from fuel to food to biodegradable plastics. It's certainly no surprise then that Hypergiant has received calls from companies and governments from all over the world expressing interest in the Eos.

Powering the Fight Against Climate Change

The AI within this unprecedented clean air technology runs on the Arm Cortex-72 processor. Algae is analyzed regularly through sensors that help regulate light management, temperature control, pH balance, and other essential factors in the process. This process ensures perfect conditions and maximum carbon sequestration.


We are proud to enable technology of this caliber and to help Hypergiant work toward the vision of a world where it is possible for us all to engage in the great adventure of being human while also being safe and secure. On top of it all, the Eos is working toward achieving Goal 13 — Climate Action — of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a movement that we at Arm are fiercely committed to.

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