In-Vehicle Cyber Security for the Modern Age

As vehicles become more computerized, autonomous, and connected, they are increasingly tempting targets for hackers seeking to gain remote access and control over vehicles.

Founded by ex-military cyber security experts, Arilou helps protect vehicles from cyberattacks that could endanger lives and property. Its Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) monitors vehicle control area networks to detect anomalies in electronic control units (ECU) communication patterns and can take action to help thwart attacks.

Featured Technology

The Arilou IDPS software functions on a variety of Arm platforms such as Arm Cortex-M7. IDPS can be integrated into vehicle gateways or ECUs to monitor traffic for indications of intrusion and help guard against attacks.

Having recently been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Best Practices Award for Technology Innovation, Arilou has gained global recognition for achieving 100% detection and prevention with zero false positives.



Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M7