Get to Know Respiro

This versatile piece of machine learning technology is setting out to change lives as well as revolutionize how we gather and use data in the medical realm.

Living Like Sam Devries

One in every 12 people suffer from asthma and Sam Devries is one of them. Having struggled with the disease since the age of two, his life has been a series of sacrifices at the hands of his often-debilitating condition – having to forgo his passion for gymnastics and as well as other activities typical to boys his age.

“I remember at nine, it was painful to breathe. I was scared that it would never go away.”


Sam admits that, like many others, he can forget to take his medication from time to time, which is where Respiro comes in. It arms patients, parents and doctors with the data and technology they need to create and follow a successful treatment plan.

Big Picture Benefits

With an estimated 93% of asthma sufferers misusing their inhalers, Respiro is a powerful tool in the treatment of respiratory conditions. This Arm-powered machine learning sensor attaches to most commercial inhalers and works by measuring vibrations in a patient’s breath to automatically track when, and how well, patients use their medications. From here, it provides daily inhalation profiles with in-depth statistical data to both doctor and patient.


The technology also comes bundled with a mobile application that receives data via Bluetooth Low Energy and offers patients insight on how to better manage their condition through simple metrics and personalized support. Interestingly, the very same Arm-powered machine learning algorithms behind this life-saving piece of technology can be applied to big ideas across so many disciplines and for so many companies. The possibilities are endless.

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