Aerotain Drone Technology

Lights, Music, Drones … Let the Show Begin! 

An eyeball in the sky for fun, interactive events that connect audiences and boost brand awareness. It can take many appearances—a giant eyeball, an enormous soccer ball, even an inflatable Star Ship Enterprise—but whatever the venue, the Aerotain floating drone is bound to engage and entertain audiences of all ages. 

Aerotain - Discover New Ways to Connect with Your Audience

Featured Arm Technology

Aerotain started as a university project to create a drone that can interact with people and be completely safe. After the first prototype attracted a lot of attention, Aerotain co-founder and CEO Daniel Meier, decided to commercialize the product anywhere event services needed a safe, interactive drone experience. 

The “Eye in the Sky” is essentially a helium-filled balloon with a control motor, sensors, thrusters, and onboard camera. The Arm Cortex-M4-based chip inside the controller continually processes sensor inputs, and controls the motor, engaging thrusters as needed and depending on how the drone is oriented. Software for the drone was developed based on the open source PX4 autopilot project. 

As the drone’s popularity increases, other use cases, such as critical facilities or aircraft inspection, are opening up as the drone can be controlled both locally and remotely. 





Arm Technology