Fingerprint-Enabled Cryptocurrency Wallet

Considered to be the most secure way to store cryptocurrency, cold wallets are offline physical devices that are less susceptible to hacking and scamming than their digital counterparts. While most require a PIN to access, Taiwan-based security company AuthenTrend goes a step further in requiring fingerprint authorization instead. 

Its AT.Wallet offers biometrically secure, password-less authentication, so there’s nothing to remember, lose, or get discovered. The size of two credit cards back-to-back, the AT.Wallet is portable, lightweight, and discreet. It allows for a maximum of 10 cryptocurrencies and currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. 

Featured Technology

The AT.Wallet uses Bluetooth Low Energy to securely pair and connect to iOS and Android devices. It comes with a case for portable docking, which enables USB connection to Windows and Mac devices. 










Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M4FARM SecurCore SC300 controller