True Wireless Power, Made Simple

For long-range, true wireless charging in an always-on world, users can simply place all Powercast-enabled devices within range of a PowerSpot transmitter at home or where offered in public.

The PowerSpot® TX91503 RF wireless power transmitter from Powercast can charge devices fitted with Powerharvester receiver chips at distances of up to 80ft by broadcasting radio waves in the unlicensed 915MHz ISM band. These devices harvest the RF energy and convert it to usable DC power.

Powercast wirelessly powers wireless sensor networks, waterproof designs, reusable smart bands, RFID tags and many other commercial and industrial electronic devices over the air without the need for wires, connectors or charging pads.

Featured Technology

Powercast products use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to synchronize their wireless battery charging. In Nordic's nRF52832, the BLE radio is paired with an Arm processor to provide low-power reliability and effective range between all devices in the system. Powercast uses the Arm-Keil MDK to compile the high-performance firmware to facilitate the superior long-range wireless power transfer available today.





Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832


Arm Technology

Arm-Keil MDK