High-Performance Platform for In-Vehicle Cybersecurity

Our relationship with the car is currently undergoing a fundamental change. The automotive industry is moving toward a service-oriented vehicle, where the needs of the driver and passengers are the focal point, and the vehicle must be able to offer new on-demand capabilities delivered securely over the air from app stores. 

For these changes to happen, in-vehicle computing platforms must be able to support advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) capabilities with high-speed connectivity, integrate with the manufacturer’s cloud, and provide secure application hosting. GuardKnox develops cybersecure, scalable, and high-performance computing platforms that not only offer protection, but serve as the foundational layer for added levels of connectivity and vehicle personalization. 

Featured Technology

All GuardKnox products have an SOA for a scalable, flexible, and secure software and hardware architecture that allows vehicles to meet the challenges of rapid change and capability deployment.

The flexible electronic architecture is based on Armv8-A processing cores (Arm Cortex-A53, Arm Cortex-A57, Arm Cortex-A72), armv7-R (Arm Cortex-R5) processing cores and FPGA logic. The hardware also uses Arm TrustZone and an integrated memory management unit for full hardware virtualization support, hardware separation between partitions, access control and enforced memory, and interface separation.







Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-A53, Arm Cortex-A57, Arm Cortex-A72, Arm Cortex-R5, Arm TrustZone