Founded by CEO Anuja Sonalker in 2016, STEER Tech develops technology for automated parking and low-speed vehicle movements to help take the time, emissions, frustration, and lost space out of parking.

The STEER system uses an in-car control system, a suite of sensors, and AI software for mapping parking lots. It plugs directly into the a car’s drive-by-wire system to control brakes, steering, acceleration, and other critical functions, and allows the driver to engage the parking process via an app. The car can either park itself directly into a tight space or autonomously park from a designated drop-off spot, usually the entrance of the lot.

STEER’s add-on kit works with most fossil fuel, electric, and alternative-fuel vehicles built after 2014 and on light, medium-duty, and specialty vehicles.

Featured Technology



Mappr software uses AI to process parking lot data and direct vehicle movements.

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-A  

STEER is powered by the Arm high-performance 64 bit Cortex-A technology.

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