Corti Orb

Heart Attack-Detecting AI

Cardiac arrest currently claims hundreds of thousands of lives a year around the globe, many of which happen outside of a hospital and despite a call to emergency services. Now, AI from Danish startup, Corti, is helping emergency dispatch staff make life-saving decisions by analyzing the words, sounds, and breathing patterns from the call and prompting them to ask the right questions—questions that could accelerate vital CPR treatment.  

The Corti Orb is a user-friendly, stylish, plug-and-play device that sits on the dispatcher’s desk and listens in on calls, running complex machine learning (ML) models to detect critical illnesses in real time. Research on the effectiveness of the Orb shows that trained dispatchers recognized cardiac arrest in 73 percent of cases, while the AI device achieved 95 percent with a significant reduction in time to recognition. 

Corti Orb - AI that Saves Lives

Featured Arm Technology

AI-enhanced orb listens in on emergency dispatch calls and using complex AI models to detect critical illness in real time. The Corti Orb runs powerful ML algorithms deployed on energy-efficient Arm processor technology at the edge to function continuously and securely.

Furthermore, since there’s no global regulatory standard for emergency service agencies using AI through the cloud, the Corti Orb simply connects to the dispatcher’s phone line and operates on the edge, even if the internet goes down. When its services are no longer required, the user simply unplugs it. As use of the Corti Orb continues to spread across Europe, Corti is developing intelligence to detect other illnesses, such as strokes and drug overdoses, to better support emergency responders. For millions of people around the world, the ability of AI to detect deadly symptoms faster than humans could mean the difference between life and death. 





Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-A57