HEYKUBE takes the toy loved by millions to the next level thanks to an elaborate system of wires, sensors, and processors fitted into a small space surrounded by its moving pieces.

By adding intelligence to the toy, players can quick solve, learn to solve, and master patterns with embedded guidance providing light and sound cues. Turn the hints on or off to practice, HEYKUBE remembers your moves and keeps you on track to solve.

Players can compete against the daily challenge, and even program HEYKUBE to create unique games and solutions. A Raspberry Pi and the HEYKUBE python library open up a world of possibilities and interaction.


Featured Technology



HEYKUBE uses a Cypress Semiconductor microprocessor, accelerometer, Bluetooth, sound, sensors, low power, and gadget connectivity.


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and a python library turn HEYKUBE into the first fully programmable 3x3 puzzle.

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M

Arm Cortex-M technology provides the basis for this low-power and highly intelligent toy.