The Sky's No Limit For Impossible Aerospace

Impossible Aerospace is on a mission to turn one of the most baffling challenges of modern aviation into a reality with the US-1, a commercial-grade, long-range electric aircraft. 

The Impossible team has eliminated one of the main flaws of electric aircraft—short battery life—by re-engineering the power source into a design feature to bring flight time to a parity with gas-fueled systems. 

The Impossible US-1 was configured and designed around its battery so the energy source doubles as the drone’s primary structure, eliminating the need for an unwieldy separate battery pack typical in conventional aircraft.

By using more battery cells in a lighter configuration, the Impossible US-1 boasts a flight time of up to two hours, far longer than the typical 20 to 40 minutes of most other aircraft.

Currently, the high-performance drones are proving popular with government agencies, including fire and police departments and search and rescue teams, but they’re just the first step in the company’s long-term goal: creating full-sized electric aircraft as a possible eco-friendly answer to air travel. 

Impossible Aerospace Takes to the Sky

Get a bird’s eye view of the Impossible US-1 as it soars across multiple types of terrain.


Featured Arm Technology

The Impossible Aerospace US-1 uses optical and thermal sensors and a microprocessor based on Arm technology to provide a persistent and accurate aerial view.


Impossible Aerospace



Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M4S