Wearable Children's Fever Monitor

After a viral infection and high fever led to their 3-year-old daughter suffering a febrile convulsion, medical engineer Johannes Kreuzer and his entrepreneurial wife, Greta, developed degree°, a small, in-ear thermometer that can continuously monitor body temperature and movement, and send the data straight to a parent’s or carergiver’s smartphone with treatment recommendations.

Degree is based on the Cosinuss One, an in-ear temperature and heart-rate monitor for professional endurance athletes that Johannes had already developed. Weighing in at just 0.19 ox, Degree is accurate to within ± 0.1 celcius, and has been designed to fit comfortably and securely in a child’s ear.

Rather than having to disturb a sleeping child to take temperature at regular intervals throughout an illness, degree gives parents and caregivers access to real-time data and analysis, as well as alerts when their child’s temperature rises too much or too quickly.

Featured Arm Technology

The miniature components in Degree are powered by a Nordic Semiconductor SoC enabled by ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor technology. Data is stored on the ear piece and is transmitted via Bluetooth® low energy to the compatible smartphone application on demand. The Cortex-M4 design is highly power efficient, enabling the device to run for 7 days continuously, even at a transmission rate of 1 reading a second.




Nordic Semiconductor

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M4