A Celebration of Partnership and Innovation

Made Possible is a homage to people who push the boundaries, do big things, and embrace the future of innovation as limitless. Every inspiring technology you see is a result of hard work and big dreams. The technology is a result of Arm and our partners working together to make the world a more connected place.

See What's Made Possible on Arm

Arm technology is used by billions of people, across billions of devices, every single day. This ubiquity makes for some pretty amazing stories spanning across nations, industries and generations. Here are just a few…

Saving the Bees with AI

Bees are responsible for roughly a third of our global food supply, and yet bee colonies are rapidly dying every year due to factors such as climate change, pesticides, diseases, and pests. Meet the Arm-powered AI innovation developed to address this concerning trend.

Making Drones Soar on PX4

One software platform is transforming how the world uses drones to collect data, deliver goods, save lives, and preserve ecosystems. Even more remarkably, it's completely open source and powered by a community of innovators.

Turning Sound into Action

Just like microscopes help us see things we would never be able to see with the naked eye, exciting new audio technology lets us hear like never before and take swift environmental action from what we learn. Meet the man and the idea behind this Arm-powered technology.

Tech Takes on Climate Change

To help address our current climate crisis an unlikely duo is now joining forces to fight climate change — AI and algae. Meet the award-winning machine behind this idea, and the Arm technology that brings it to life.

Bringing Robotics to Life

The wonders of robots were once limited to sci-fi flicks, roboticists, and wild imaginations. Until now. This is the story of the technology behind a new age of robotics—one that aligns far closer with what we all expected the 21st century to look like. 

The Computer of the Future

One piece of technology is set to advance humanity unlike anything else that came before it. At its heart lies a next-generation Arm-based CPU — the Fujitsu A64FX — and it's already opening up a world of possibilities across a number of areas.

Innovating Towards Autonomy

For vehicles to autonomously navigate the world, they need to be able to precisely determine absolute location. Our partners at Swift Navigation create solutions make this feat (and autonomy as we know it today) possible.

Rethinking Voice Technology

As we move towards a voice-powered future, Snips is creating the technology that will ensure ease, efficiency and privacy. Its Arm-powered offering uses machine learning to turn speech into action, making smart devices even smarter.

Untethering Virtual Reality

To achieve their goal of bringing high-fidelity VR gaming to everyone, everywhere, Fast Travel Games teamed up with Arm to bring their award-winning game, Apex Construct, to mobile VR.

Life-Changing Technology

The power of machine learning is transforming how patients, doctors and medication can work together and leverage better learnings and, ultimately, better health. It’s just the beginning of innovation will change treatment plans tomorrow and into the future.

Experiencing VR in a New Light 

Some might think VR begins and ends with gaming but, for others, it’s a lifesaving tool that helps inject hope back into life. Meet the man who is testament to the power of thinking outside the box using today’s tech.

Empowering Gen Z

Femi Owolade-Coombes is an award-winning young inventor who’s using technology to inspire a new generation of coders – from the UK to Bangladesh and beyond. At just 12 years old, he’s already deep into his coding career with inclusivity at the heart of his mission.

Gamifying Empathy to Foster Equality

With a master’s degree in Interaction Design and a lifetime of navigating the world as a woman of color, Clorama Dorvilias combined her experiences to create a virtual reality teaching tool with the aim of giving every student the equal opportunity to be seen and to succeed.

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