Avantek Armv8-A 64-bit Cavium ThunderX2 Solution for Ubuntu, Redhat, OpenSuse

The search for sustainable data center solutions

Our business, consumer, and social interactions are shaped by digital technology and the data generated by these activities is becoming greater than ever before. Finding the most efficient way to process, analyze and store this unprecedented volume of information can challenge even the most IT-savvy business leader. Among their considerations is how to power and run the infrastructure necessary to meet our growing data requirements.

Avantek, a UK-based company with a global reach, has developed what it believes is a sustainable solution for data centers. Its Arm-based servers run on up to 90 percent less electricity and cut the energy needed for cooling by up to 50 percent.

The Avantek 2U server is based on eight Cavium® ThunderX2™ CN99xx processors which offer a total of up to 256, quad-threaded, custom Armv8-A cores, and is a high-performance, low-power solution capable of handling complex data center requirements. Using system-on-chip (SoC) technology, the CPU, and I/O are all fully integrated in a single server chip.

In addition to the cores, the processor features low-power DRAM modules and SSDs from Kingston Technology, which enable the high bandwidth and low power consumption necessary to deal with the most advanced data center applications.

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Finding energy-efficient solutions is essential for many data-hungry organizations and institutions, including the UK’s academic community. Some universities are moving to low-power servers as increased usage combined with constraints on space and cost mean they have to seek non-traditional alternatives. Tony Lees, managing director of Avantek Computer Limited explains: "Our clients' assets are crucial to their success. To enhance their reputation as world-leading institutions they need to find an innovative way of increasing capacity using their existing infrastructure. Products such as the Arm-based Avantek 2U offer a low-power high-performance solution that enables them to maximize efficiency within a constrained environment."


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