Vapor Chamber

Data Center Power at the Edge

Data Centers traditionally rely on rectangular IT racks in a back-to-back hot-aisle/cold-aisle configuration. However, as densities increase, temperatures become harder to monitor and racks become difficult to keep cool. To help datacenters improve airflow management and avoid equipment failures, the Vapor Chamber positions six IT racks in a circular pattern, creating a fully contained “hot aisle” chimney at the core. A software-and-sensor-controlled 22,000 CFM fan draws hot air from the racks to cool the equipment, routing the exhaust directly into the HVAC return plenum.

The Vapor Chamber is just seven feet tall and nine feet in diameter and can house up to 150kW of mission-critical IT load in high-density fashion. Each rack can hold 36 rack units for up to 25kW of power apiece. More than 90 embedded sensors allow for constant self-monitoring and remote operations.

Vapor IO uses the Vapor Chamber as part of its Kinetic Edge platform, the leading nationwide network of edge colocation, edge networking and edge exchange. The Kinetic Edge makes it possible to deploy edge servers in close proximity to the last mile networks, enabling new classes of low-latency applications including autonomous vehicles, streaming games, and virtualized 5G network functions.

Featured Technology



The Vapor Chamber provides an ideal environment for servers powered by Arm’s Neoverse N1 CPU technology, which is designed to efficiently bring cloud-scale computing power to the edge where data is generated.

Arm Technology

Neoverse N1 CPU

The Neoverse N1 CPU delivers world-class computing at half the power, so that operators can process data at the edge without degrading performance or efficiency. This means you can scale at the edge, rather than needing to move all of your data back to a centralized data center environment.

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