Comprehensive Debug and Trace Solutions

Gives system visibility to all developers

With the increasing complexity of modern SoCs, access to the most comprehensive suite of debug and trace solutions is critical to reduce time-to-market and validation effort.

The Arm CoreSight family of IP products offer solutions to address the needs of silicon partners and developers alike, from SoC bring up to software debug and system optimization, and finally post-mortem debug.

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Coresight Call Outs Diagram

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are expecting silicon providers to provide a reliable and complete hardware and software system ready for applications development, and this is a key differentiator. A well thought-out debug and trace solution helps partners address these challenges.

CoreSight provides components for the implementation solutions for debug access, instruction tracing, cross-triggering and time-stamping.

CoreSight SoC

CoreSight SoC-400 is the comprehensive set of debug and trace IP that enables SoC designers to build a bespoke solution to optimize their system.

CoreSight SoC-600 builds on the capabilities of SoC-400 by adding debug and trace over any functional interface, and greater trace bandwidth.

Trace Memory Controller

CoreSight TMC, Trace Memory Controller, enables real-time trace to be used cost effectively during all the product development phases, giving real-time visibility to all developers including third party software developers.

System Trace Macrocell

CoreSight STM-500, System Trace Macrocell, gives real-time SoC level visibility, at affordable cost, up to the end product.

Embedded Logic Analyzer

CoreSight ELA-500, Embedded Logic Analyzer, ensures the fastest silicon debug by providing low level signal visibility into Arm IP and 3rd party IP.

Why CoreSight?

The industry name for debug and trace

CoreSight technology is licensed by all major silicon providers, specified by leading OEMs across markets, and used by hundreds of thousands of software engineers to develop, debug, optimize and maintain in the field Arm processor-based products.

Higher productivity and lower risk development

Using CoreSight trace macrocells, for example ETM, software and hardware developers can identify real-time software or hardware defects and quickly resolve them, ensuring higher productivity and lower risk developments.

Universal tool support

CoreSight debug and trace is supported by Arm DS-5 Development Studio and more than 25 tools vendors worldwide.

Arm Partners

Higher quality products

CoreSight technology provides mission-critical on-chip visibility to industry development tools, enabling embedded software, system, and hardware engineers to develop higher quality and performance, software and platforms.

A scalable, cost effective debug and trace SoC solution

CoreSight technology provides a scalable debug and trace solution able to address all markets from multi-core Cortex-A class platform to low cost Cortex-M platforms.

An open architecture

The CoreSight architecture is an open architecture, enabling Partners to leverage the Arm solution and plug-in their own debug and trace components.

CoreSight Benefits

SoC Bring-up

  • Robust design
  • Faster bring up means a reduced time-to-market

Software Debugging

  • Improved reliability
  • Hardware/Software co-development via debugger in simulation and emulation

System Optimization

  • Performance profiling
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance optimization (both hardware and software)

Post-mortem Debugging

  • Reduced bug cost
  • Reduced time-to-market