On-Chip Visibility for Fast Bug Diagnosis and Performance Analysis

The Arm CoreSight Trace Memory Controller (TMC) is a configurable trace component to terminate trace buses into buffers, FIFOs, or alternatively, to route trace data over AXI to memory or off-chip to interface controllers.

Features and Benefits
Embedded Trace FIFO (ETF)

Enables trace to be stored in a dedicated SRAM, used either as a circular buffer or as a FIFO. The functionality of this configuration is a superset of the functionality of the ETB configuration.

Embedded Trace Router (ETR)

Enables trace to be routed over an AXI bus to system memory or to any other AXI slave.

Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)

Enables trace to be stored in a dedicated SRAM, used as a circular buffer. This configuration is similar to the CoreSight ETB.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Enabling connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances and much more.

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Fine tuning chip performance requires optimum visibility. Find out how CoreSight TMC can help your designers achieve optimum performance.

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