Arm Automotive Scalable Non-Coherent Interconnect

The Arm CoreLink NI-710AE non-coherent interconnect is a highly configurable and scalable interconnect for versatile automotive safety applications in ADAS, IVI, and Arm Safety Islands.

Features and Benefits

Configurable for Any Use Case

Highly configurable and scalable from small low-power to very high-performance solutions, such as mainstream ADAS, IVI, autonomous and real-time and Safety Island applications.

Automotive Safety & Robust Security

CoreLink NI-710AE provides a systematic and diagnostic DCLS capable ASIL D for automotive applications. Leverages architectural security using memory tagging extensions (MTE).

Versatile with Broad Support

Supports AMBA AXI with wider protocol support to build using Arm’s wide range of automotive product portfolio.

Arm CoreLink NI-710AE Diagram


The CoreLink NI-710AE delivers a safety-capable non-coherent interconnect for ADAS, IVI, real-time and Safety Islands applications.

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Use Cases

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Arm technology is used in various applications throughout the car, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, and IVI solutions.

RTOS and Safety Islands 

Arm’s technology helps to build the real- time enabled smart gateways, RTOS systems, and Safety Islands. 

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