The Arm CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect

The Arm CoreLink CCI-500 extends the performance and low-power leadership of Arm mobile systems. It provides full cache coherency between big.LITTLE processor clusters and provides I/O coherency for other components such as Mali GPU, network interfaces or accelerators. CoreLink CCI-500 offers a scalable and configurable interconnect which enables SoC designers to meet the performance goals with the smallest possible area and power.

Features and Benefits

Up to 2x Peak System Bandwidth

As premium mobile devices require higher resolution screens, the CoreLink CCI-500 offers up to twice the peak system bandwidth compared to the CoreLink CCI-400.

TrustZone Secure Media Path

The CoreLink CCI-500 includes end-to-end protection for Ultra-HD media content, between memory, Mali GPU, video processors and display.

Processor Memory Performance

CoreLink CCI-500 can offer more than a 35 percent processor memory performance increase compared to CoreLink CCI-400 due to its enhanced microarchitecture with snoop filter. 

Complete System Solution

Part of a complete suite of system IP from Arm that includes CoreLink NIC-400 network interconnect for low power, low latency, end to end connectivity to the rest of the SoC, CoreLink MMU-500 System MMU for virtualization of memory and CoreLink GIC-500 for management of interrupts across multiple processor clusters.

Use Cases

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Arm technology is used in various applications throughout the car including Advanced driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

Smart Homes

Connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances, and much more.

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A trusted interconnect solution must work for multiple applications and result in an improved user experience. Talk to an Arm expert about the highest efficiency coherent interconnect to do the job.

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