Efficient, High-Performance Direct Memory Access

The Arm CoreLink DMA-350 direct memory access (DMA) controller offloads memory movement tasks from the CPU to improve system performance and energy-efficiency. It includes support for scatter gather, 2D transformations, memory to memory, memory to peripheral (and vice versa) transfers.

This DMA controller pairs well with the Cortex-M55 and Cortex-M85 processors in endpoint AI systems to populate the tightly coupled memory (TCM) with data efficiently for ML and signal processing.

Features and Benefits

Tiny Heterogenous Processing

Channels support an optional AXI stream interface for connecting custom logic for in-line data processing. Examples include color-space conversion or alpha blending. Powerful data processing can be achieved with high efficiency in a small footprint.

System-wide Security

Supports Arm TrustZone for Cortex-M and Cortex-A, so that data movement respects security attributes. DMA-350 embraces security by design, and is helpful to those looking to achieve PSA Certified.

Highly Configurable Feature Set

Designed to be extremely flexible and meet a wide variety of use cases, from small sensors to complex SoCs. Many features are configurable, so designers can optimize the IP block for specific requirements.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Internet of Things

With an unparalleled range of processor designs, development tools and software, and a world-leading partner ecosystem, Arm technology is the industry standard for IoT and embedded devices.

Endpoint AI

Combining AI with enhanced processing at the endpoint creates innovative opportunities for IoT developers. Applying these technologies enables maximum insights from even the smallest, low power connected devices.


Power-efficient, responsive wearable devices for fitness and health monitoring or communication. Arm IP delivers advanced, energy-efficient signal processing capabilities and security to protect personal data.

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