Open a World of Innovative Opportunities with Edge AI

Arm provides the foundation for all ML at the edge with the hardware IP, solutions, toolchains, frameworks, and ecosystem to help achieve performance requirements, energy targets, and scalability across all markets. As a result, companies that build on Arm can accelerate time to market, simplify software development through application portability, and in turn innovate for the expanding use case opportunities and build better customer experiences across markets. 

A Strong AI Ecosystem

Through our vast ecosystem, Arm already powers a wide range of devices and applications that rely on ML at the network edge and endpoints. By adding ML capabilities to processor technology, Arm is helping devices and applications become even smarter, more energy efficient, and more affordable than ever before. Designed for future generations of AI applications, Arm processor technology is helping to transform business models across a range of markets, from the edge to the enterprise. 

Explore partner case studies showcasing AI solutions across sectors and applications.


Arm is at the center of a large ecosystem of trusted partners, helping to achieve the promise of AI.

Unlock the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for IoT Devices

Capturing the many opportunities for AI-based IoT devices requires the right hardware, software, tools, and ecosystem. Arm is driving the growth of ML with leading-edge technology and a world-class ecosystem built for ML. 

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IP and Solutions

Arm solutions and IP enable ML application performance and efficiency across the Arm portfolio of products. Arm already provides the foundation for compute with performance-efficient ML solutions in over 900 million Cortex-A ML-capable devices and 15 billion Cortex-M ML-capable devices in the market today alongside our NPU technology.  

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Arm provides core components and works with partners to develop custom frameworks that together ease deployment and integrations across AI use cases and applications. 

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Tools are an essential way to simplify the development experience. Keil MDK, Arm Vela Compiler, and Arm ML Inference Advisor reduce development complexities, and our partner ecosystem provides tools that work across the range of development environments.


Alongside alignment to ML-specific standards, including TOSA, TinyML, and OpeXLA, Arm is accelerating innovation with PSA Certified and Arm SystemReady that help enable scalable and portable solutions. 

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Deliver Intelligence with AI for IoT Devices

With new ML use cases being realized every day, it’s more important than ever to ensure systems are built to address the compute demands of today, and for tomorrow.  

Explore the opportunities enabled by endpoint AI, and the benefits and impacts of implementing AI across key areas and use cases.

Advances in AI deployments mean that even the smallest, cost-sensitive devices can be made smarter with on-device DSP and ML capabilities.

Processors Designed and Optimized for Machine Learning

Arm CPU and MCU technologies are already handling the majority of AI and ML workloads at the edge. The CPU is central to all AI systems, whether for handling the AI entirely or partnering with a GPU or NPU for certain tasks.

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