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Arm Mali mainstream GPUs are optimized to provide high-performance, energy-efficient graphics in the smallest possible silicon area for the lowest possible cost. The Arm Mali-T720 GPU was the first high-area efficiency graphics processor built on the Midgard graphics architecture. The Mali-T720 GPU balances performance, quality, energy use, and area savings. The layout is simpler than its predecessors, the silicon area is smaller, and time to market is quicker. The GPU maintains the high quality that is needed for a compelling graphics experience.

Features and Benefits
Area- and Energy-Efficient

With 150 percent of the energy efficiency of its predecessor, Mali-T720 offers significant area and energy reductions.

Optimized for Android

With OpenGL ES 3.0 support, Mali-T720 is tuned to provide excellent graphics and compute support for the Android operating system.

Faster Time to Market

The simplified layout means a reduced time to market for cost-effective, mainstream mobile devices.

Use Cases
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Mainstream Mobile

Mali-T720 offers a compelling graphics experience for mainstream mobile devices in a smaller, simplified silicon footprint.

Digital TV

Designed to bring GPU compute functionality to low- to mid-range digital TVs, Mali-T720 provides manufacturers with a cost-effective approach that does not sacrifice graphics quality.

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