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With stunning graphics capabilities, Arm Mali high-performance GPUs combine GPU compute functionality with micro-architecture enhancements and system-wide, bandwidth-saving technology to bring energy efficiency to advanced mobile and consumer devices.


Mali-G71 was the first GPU to implement the Bifrost architecture, which provides high-end mobile GPUs with the ability to deliver extra computational performance. The extra performance can be used to address the ever-advancing complexity of modern use cases such as virtual reality and high-fidelity gaming. Bifrost enables this without draining the battery or exceeding the thermal budget of the device.

Features and Benefits
Full System Coherency

By sharing memory and reducing overheard through full system coherency, Mali-G71 can deliver an improved performance for premium mobile superior to a regular laptop GPU.

Advanced Performance

To support advanced uses on small devices, Mali-G71 was developed to enable complex content within mobile power constraints.


To address the ever-growing performance requirements of mobile devices, Mali-G71 is scalable from one to 32 cores.

Use Cases
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Mobile VR

GPUs for high-end devices must be more energy efficient than ever before, especially as other components of the mobile device, like cameras and screen resolutions, are performing at ever higher rates, and maxing out the thermal budget. Mali-G71 VP optimization features allow the best possible mobile virtual reality experience within mobile power constraints.

Digital TV

Today’s TVs have layer upon layer of UI complexity, bringing in pre-integrated apps such as Netflix to support features like advanced voice control and gesture recognition. These features are requiring more from the digital TV’s system on chip. Mali-G71 can drive ultra-HD displays, which require 120Hz screen-refresh rates at 4K resolution.

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