Bringing Premium Graphics to Mainstream Mobile

Consumers purchasing mainstream smartphones expect enhanced functionality and access to features, including low-power virtual reality such as virtual spaces, superior everyday gaming, augmented reality, and fast browsing. Based on the Arm Bifrost architecture, Mali-G51 GPU brings premium graphics to mainstream mobile devices.

Features and Benefits
Small but Powerful

To run complex applications on lower-power devices takes a balance of size and power efficiency. Mali-G51 is the smallest GPU to date for 1080p to 4K displays.

Flexible Solution 

The flexible single/dual pixel shader core provides a graphics solution for a range of markets.

Rich Graphics

The balanced design of Mali-G51 delivers rich graphics and a rich user interface experience.

Use Case

Mainstream Mobile

Demand for mainstream devices caters not only to complex UIs and casual gaming, but also to lower-power VR and virtual spaces applications. To meet these requirements, a mainstream GPU needs a balance of area and energy efficiency, all within the smallest silicon area. Mali-G51 is the smallest and most efficient Vulkan-enabled GPU for screen resolutions up to 4K.

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Mali-D51 is the first display processor to bring the benefits of the new Komeda display architecture to the mainstream. Mali-D51 offloads the GPU by performing composition, in-line rotation, high-quality scaling gamma/de-gamma, and other imaging processing before sending the final image to the screen.

Architecture and Technologies
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