The First Ultra-Efficient Multi-Core Mali GPU

The first-ever Mali GPU offering multi-core implementation, the Mali-400 GPU scales from one to four cores and was the world’s first OpenGL ES 2.0 conformant multi-core GPU. Focusing on reduced power and bandwidth consumption, the Mali-400 GPU remains the GPU of choice for reduced cost devices.

Features and Benefits
Proven Performance

Featured in 20 percent of devices, the Mali-400 has trusted, proven performance across multiple use cases and performance points.

Maximized Battery Life

Independent CPU and GPU power management help maximize battery life and heat dissipation, creating significant power savings for low-power, cost-sensitive devices.

Use Cases
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Wearables and IoT

Arm Mali ultra-efficient GPUs, including the Mali-400, are optimized to provide high-quality graphics within an extremely low power budget for extended device battery life. Mali ultra-efficient GPUs are designed to satisfy the stringent power requirements of wearable and IoT devices.

Entry-Level Mobile

For products that require enhanced battery life, such as entry-level smartphones, Mali-400 balances performance with a low power budget.

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The Arm Mali-G31 GPU is the very first ultra-efficient GPU based on the innovative Bifrost architecture. With significant energy and area savings compared to the next level of device, plus support for the very latest APIs, Mali-G31 is the GPU of choice for cost-constrained devices.



The Arm Mali-450 is the second Arm Mali ultra-low power GPU built on the Utgard architecture. It introduces double the scalability of the very popular Mali-400 GPU to address a broader range of performance points and use cases.



The Mali-470 is the first GPU designed specifically for the power-sensitive requirements of wearable and IoT devices. It delivers superior energy efficiency across one to four core implementations, reducing the cost of both implementation and operation.

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