Display Processing

As the resolution and quality of displays increase, efficient processing of the display output becomes even more important in a media system. Having a dedicated display processor that not only controls output to the screen but also enables the GPU to offload basic tasks such as multi-layer composition or image post-processing improves visual quality and reduces overall SoC power consumption.


Benefits and features of the Mali-D71 include:

  • 8 layer composition
  • Side-by-side processing
  • Optimized for 1440p - 4K


Benefits and features of the Mali-D51 include:

  • 2x complexity in same area of Mali-DP650
  • 50% better memory latency
  • Optimal HDR experience


Benefits and features of the Mali-DP650 include:

  • Split display mode
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Optimized for 2.5K


Benefits and features of the Mali-DP550 include:

  • 7 layer composition
  • Co-processor interface
  • Optimized for HD and full HD