Imaging and Embedded Computer Vision Technology

The computer vision product from Arm is an advanced, leading-edge core capable of analyzing the contents of a scene received directly from a raw image sensor in real time and converting this into a digital representation of the features it recognizes.

People tracking

A key example is the tracking of people in a scene. The computer vision core can detect the behavior of individuals, including the direction they are facing, their movement, pose and even identity. This is all in real time on scenes of up to 4K resolution. The digital data representing the people can then be sent for further analysis up stream, either for local processing or to cloud-based services. The core includes advanced technology for reducing false positive detection.


Multiple use cases

This is ideal for reliably tracking people and objects in a variety of situations.  Cameras suitably equipped with the computer vision core could benefit many use cases including intelligent security installations, home monitoring for the elderly, real time retail analytics in shopping centers and many more.  The core can be programmed to recognize a variety of object types.

The computer vision product comprises dedicated silicon IP blocks, embedded firmware and an extensive SDK, including application samples.