Advanced Display Management Core

Assertive Display is an advanced display management core which delivers a high-quality viewing experience even in bright sunshine. Having shipped in over 1 billion devices it also enables dramatic reductions in display power consumption. 

Outdoor Viewing

Assertive Display dynamically adjusts the content to ambient lighting conditions using state-of-the-art pixel processing algorithms. This means that the effective screen contrast ratio can be preserved even under bright sunshine and strong reflections.

Power Saving

For portable devices, the display is the largest consumer of battery power. Assertive Display optimally adopts the content according to the brightness level of the display and always delivers reasonable visibility even at reduced backlight level, hence helps significantly to increase the battery life of a mobile device.

HDR Management

Assertive Display 5, the fifth generation of this display subsystem management IP, provides a complete set of HDR management features for display pipelines, achieving a life-like, HDR experience, even on SDR displays. Besides dynamic range management, Assertive Display 5 also offers advanced color gamut and precision management.

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