Enlighten Middleware

Enlighten is the industry’s most advanced dynamic global illumination solution

Geomerics is an innovation-led ARM company that delivers cutting-edge graphics technology to developers in the games and entertainment industry.

Enlighten by Geomerics is a global illumination middleware that redefines the way lighting is handled in computer games. With Enlighten, global illumination can be computed at runtime allowing for high quality dynamic lighting that dramatically improves workflow and enhances gameplay. This technology gives artists total control over lighting, driving a new generation of games that rival film for their manipulation of mood and atmosphere.

Its lightweight technology scales between mobile, console and desktop platforms making Enlighten the industry standard for game lighting. Enlighten is the technology of choice of the world's most successful game studios, as well as being built into Unity 5 and available as part of the Unreal Engine Integrated Partners Program.

Why ARM in Global Illumination? 

Global illumination is the physically based simulation of light’s interactions with objects in a scene. It computes the effect of light that has travelled from its source, hit an object and then been absorbed, reflected, scattered or refracted across subsequent surfaces. By taking into account the material properties encountered, global illumination unifies geometry and lighting in a scene.

Global illumination is the biggest contributor to the cinematic quality graphics today’s consumers increasingly expect.  Delivering global illumination in real-time can be performance intensive and is the most demanding application for today’s computing devices.  ARM is successfully delivering high-quality, dynamic global illumination into mobile handsets and beyond, enabling the best graphics experiences today.  It does this through three routes:

  • Investment in Enlighten – The de facto global illumination solution for the games and entertainment industry. Enlighten is fully scalable across multiple platforms, enabling ARM’s delivery of next generation graphics wherever computing happens.
  • System-wide approach – ARM uses its knowledge of advanced lighting effects to develop System-on-Chip (SoC) IP that efficiently meets the requirements of cutting edge graphics applications.
  • Broad ARM ecosystem – ARM connects the mobile and consumer device market to the forefront of the gaming industry, enabling AAA games to become a reality on mobile.

More information on Enlighten and related resources are available on the Geomerics website