NarrowBand IoT

The Arm Cordio-N IP for NarrowBand IoT provides a full solution path for device integrators to integrate LPWAN IoT connectivity into their devices.

NB-IoT’s primary purpose is to provide the wide area and ultra-low power connectivity that the bulk of IoT devices will require. Deployments may include mass use devices in smart buildings, public infrastructure, agriculture, industrial settings and mobile health and wellbeing. NarrowBand-IoT was developed from the ground-up to be optimized for mMTC, setting the foundations for 5G IoT connectivity.

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Complete solution from RF to application for rapid SoC integration


Low power implementation optimized for Cortex-M


Building on Arm TrustZone and CryptoCell for trusted secure connectivity

Cordio-N NarrowBand IoT

The Cordio-N NarrowBand IoT solution consists of the RF and baseband hardware and corresponding software layers 1,2 and 3 specified by 3GPP release-13. It provides a highly integrated IP block together with layer control, digital front end, RF interface, and software. The ultra-lightweight protocol stack solution, is designed for optimized low footprint memory and low power/low bandwidth IoT platforms, conforming to the latest 3GPP standard, and is running on Arm Cortex-M processors.

Cordio-N is optimized from the ground up, specifically targeting low-power and low-cost requirements.