Microcontroller Debug made Simple

Supporting a wide variety of processor targets, the ULINK2 debug unit connects your PC's USB port to your target system so you can program and debug your application on target hardware. Together with MDK, you can control the processor, set breakpoints, and read/write to memory, all at full processor speed.


Features and Benefits

Broad Device Support

ULINK2 connects to a wide variety of processor targets. It offers serial wire debug (SWD) and serial wire viewer (SWV) support for all Cortex-M processors plus JTAG support for Arm7, Arm9, and all Cortex-M processors.

Robust Debug Capabilities

Download programs to your target hardware, examine memory and registers, single-step through programs, insert multiple breakpoints, run programs in real-time, and program flash memory.

Fast Connections

ULINK2 offers developers fast and reliable target connections. It supports up to 1 Mbit/s data trace (Cortex-M, UART mode), up to 10 MHz JTAG clock rates, and up to 28 kB/s memory read/write.

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ULINKpro lets you program, debug, and analyze applications on your device with MDK and Arm Development Studio. Control the processor, trace instructions, set breakpoints, and read/write to memory, all at full processor speed.



ULINKplus combines isolated debug connection, power measurement, and I/O for test automation. It gives you visibility to the function, timing, and power consumption of your embedded application.

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