Debug with Power Measurement

ULINKplus offers isolated debug connection, power measurement, and I/Os for test automation for visibility to the function, timing, and power consumed by your Cortex-M based devices. It supports all classic debug features such as simple and complex breakpoints, SWV trace, and even multi-core debugging.


Features and Benefits

Software Profiling

With ULINKplus, you can use either Keil MDK or Arm Development Studio to profile your application for timing and energy consumption.

I/O for Test Automation

ULINKplus offers flexible digital and analog I/O pins that you can easily configure from debug views or from debug scripts to interact with the target under test or to control automated test stands.

Power Synced to Trace

ULINKplus provides isolated JTAG/serial-wire and power measurement connections to the target, synchronized to event tracing. An intuitive graphical user interface allows you to quickly attribute any unintended behavior to the right piece of code.

Case Study

L-Tek BLE Beacon: Software Optimization Doubles Battery Life

L-Tek specializes in the development and production of electronic modules, electromechanical components and software solutions for industries producing complex goods. Using Arm Keil MDK and ULINKpro debug probe they optimized software in a BLE beacon to double battery-life - giving an improved end user experience.

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