A Ready-to-Run System

The Juno Arm Development Platform is an open, vendor-neutral Armv8 development platform comprised of a Juno SoC mounted on an Arm Versatile Express Juno Development Board with a reference software port from Linaro. It’s ready to run your code on big.LITTLE, PCI-Express, Mali graphics-enabled hardware.

Features and Benefits

Model SoC Hardware

The system on chip includes: an Arm Cortex-A72 cluster, an Arm Cortex-A53 cluster, Arm big.LITTLE technology, Arm Mali graphics processor, 4-lane Gen 2.0 PCI Express, Cortex-M3 system control processor, and CoreLink interconnects.

Out-of-the-Box Linux

Available through Linaro, Juno delivers a Linux package of Arm trusted firmware, 64-bit Linux kernel with big.LITTLE and Mali support, and Linux file system (Android Open Source Project and Open Embedded enables software development). 

Use Cases

SoC Software Development and Debug

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LogicTile Express

LogicTile Express is the plug-in FPGA daughter board for the Juno Arm Development Platform. Use it to prototype and validate custom ASIC IP alongside the Arm processors and the other Arm IP in Juno. 

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