Top-Performing Debug Probe

The Arm DSTREAM-XT is a high-performance probe, that supports PCIe for debugging and tracing over functional IO with fewer dedicated debug and trace pins on the SoC compared to parallel trace ports.

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Features and Benefits

Most Capable Debug Adapter

Supports debug connections to up to 4096 CoreSight components. The probe supports PCIe Gen 3 (one lane to eight lanes) or PCIe Gen 4 (one to four lanes), providing a total trace bandwidth of up to 64Gbps.

Deep Trace History

The probe has a 16GB on-board buffer for recording a deep history of trace.

Built for Arm Tools

DSTREAM-XT and Arm Development Studio were made for each other. Access powerful Arm Development Studio features, like the ability to auto-detect SoC components.

More Features

Faster Debug

Greatly shorten debug cycles on single or multi-core devices with code download speeds up to 12 MB per second, JTAG rates up to 180 MHz, and SWD rates up to 125MHz.

Wide Trace Bandwidth

Capture extensive trace data supporting maximum single rate of 16 Gbps and 64 Gbps total bandwidth.

Remote Host Connectivity

Remote gigabit ethernet or USB 3.0 host connections for remote and fast accessibility.

No Vendor Lock-in

Developers can leverage their tools of choice as the product’s flexible architecture can support a wide variety of third-party IP and debuggers.

CoreSight Trace Macrocells

Works with complex SoC configurations for trace data capture in Arm CoreSight Macrocells, such as ETM, PTM, ITM and STM.

Arm Processor Support

The DSTREAM-XT supports Arm processor based hardware targets with CoreSight trace supported

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