Simplifying Radio Connectivity

Low-power, low-voltage solutions for WPAN and LPWAN wireless applications

Arm Cordio is Arm’s family of standards-based low-power wireless IP. It offers a complete solution for LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) applications based on the NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) standard, and complete RF-to-Application coverage for WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Networks) radios based on the Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 standard. 

Learn more about NarrowBand IoT in our free white paper download - 'NB-IoT: Connecting the IoT with Arm'.

Image of Arm Cordio with IoT devicesLPWAN – NB-IoT

Arm Cordio-N IP provides on-chip radio connectivity solution for Internet of Things SoCs implementing LPWAN connectivity, using NarrowBand IoT.  Designed for optimal efficiency with the Arm Cortex-M processor family, the Cordio-N IP provides everything from antenna through to L3 protocol software including all the software layers of the NB-IoT standard, PHY and RF, along with test and debug tools.


LPWAN Complete Solutions

The Cordio-N IP includes highly integrated RF and baseband IP cores along with link layer firmware running on Cortex processor, supporting the 3GPP NB-IoT standard.

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WPAN – Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4

Arm Cordio IP provides on-chip radio connectivity for SoCs implementing WPAN wireless solutions for IoT. Cordio radio cores are fully integrated solutions with a hardware core and software stacks, and profiles. These low-voltage, low-power cores are designed for optimal efficiency with the Arm Cortex-M processor family.

The Cordio architecture brings extensive choice and flexibility to SoC designers. It provides foundry/process support, radio standards, and software stacks for easy integration to their SoC, as well as expanded support through third parties. With the Arm Cordio family of radio IP, semiconductor companies have access to cutting-edge, sub-volt radio solutions and can effectively keep up with evolving standards and processes in a cost-effective, risk-free manner. Arm Cordio portfolio consists of complete sub-volt radio IP solutions (hardware sub-system), radio standards delivered as soft IP and software (Link/MAC, stack and profiles).

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Complete Radio IP

The Cordio radio IP series includes highly integrated and ultra-low power CMOS radio IP cores along with link layer firmware. 

It supports Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4, individually or in combined configuration, and is targeted towards select process nodes.

Standards RTL

The Cordio IP is available as RTL (Register Transfer Language) delivery, optimized for low-power with support for Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4 standards, to be used with Arm Cordio radio front end or with a 3rd party radio front end.

It is ideal for designers who want to implement the latest features with a qualified/certified solution for reduced risk and reduced time to market.


The Cordio software series consists of Bluetooth link, stack, and profiles. 

The software can be optimally combined by silicon manufacturers to create a complete "link layer-to-application" software solution to accelerate time to market.


  • Smart Homes
  • IoT
  • Hearables
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Connected Clothing
  • Wearables
  • Smart City
  • Remote Health Monitoring

Related IP

Arm Cortex Processors

Cordio radio IP is designed for optimal efficiency with systems built around the Arm Cortex-M processor series.


Physical IP

Arm Artisan Physical IP provides standard cell libraries and compiled low-voltage memories for implementation of SoCs using Cordio Radio IP.


IoT subsystem for Cortex-M

The Arm IoT subsystem for Arm Cortex-M processors is optimized for use with Arm’s most efficient processors, Arm Mbed OS, radio technologies and physical IP.


Arm Mbed

The Arm Mbed development boards and services that surround them, such as the Mbed Device Connector, provide full support for multiple communication methods such as Cordio Radio IP, making any IoT project possible.