Standards-Based Low-Power Wireless IP

The Cordio architecture offers choice and flexibility for Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4 integration. The Cordio portfolio consisting of digital RTL is available as a “Soft IP” configuration in addition to complete solution.


The features of Bluetooth 5 enhance the effectiveness of devices for the home and expand the capabilities for beacons. IEEE 802.15.4 supports the growing ZigBee and Thread device market.

Features and Benefits

BLE or 802.15.4, or both


Low-power implementation of IoT standards

Low Cost

Low external BOM and cost-optimized RF analog area helps reduce costs.


Enables innovation, differentiation, and faster time to market. Low voltage supports innovation for new thin, unattended, and disposable devices.

Easy to Integrate

A silicon-proven, one-source solution from Arm with support for all components. Reducing the number of external components supports design on a complete, flexible, and configurable architecture

Complete Solution​

A complete qualified Bluetooth solution (RF front end, Standards RTL and SW) that helps accelerate time to market and stays current with standards.

Use Cases
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Arm Cortex Processors

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