Fully Integrated Radio IP

The Cordio WPAN complete radio IP integrates ultra-low power CMOS radio IP solutions that incorporate Bluetooth 5 and the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standards and are suitable for applications requiring single-mode devices.


The fully integrated IP solution and a one-source solution from RF to stack include a transceiver, baseband, and link layer firmware as well as Cordio stacks and profiles. The integrated link layer firmware is optimized for energy and memory efficiency. The flexible architecture supports a single processor or a dual-processor configuration.


The Cordio radio IP is a native sub-1 Volt platform—with all core circuits within the radio are designed at 950 mV (nominal). Due to the lower operating point for the internal circuits, the total power consumed during transmission and receiving is ~ 7mW.

Cordio Radio IP Solutions

Cordio radio IP solutions are optimized for the TSMC 55nm LP/ULP and TSMC 40nm LP/ULP process nodes.

Complete Solution

Complete qualified Bluetooth solution (RF front end, digital RTL and SW) reducing time-to-market and development costs with one-source solution from Arm.


Low-power implementation of IoT Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4 standards

Standards Leadership

Stay competitive and current: Cordio is available with the latest low power wireless PAN standards, including Bluetooth 5 stack and profiles and Bluetooth Mesh

Cordio-C50 Radio IP

The Cordio-C50 radio IP is a complete self-contained radio sub-system supporting Bluetooth 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 protocols available at TSMC 55nm LP/ULP and TSMC 40nm LP/ULP process nodes. The solution consists of the RF 2.4GHz transceiver, modem, protocol processing logic and link and MAC controller along with link and MAC layer firmware. The RF front end is delivered as a hard-macro, the digital parts delivered as RTL, and link and MAC layer firmware as source code.

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